Making Money

Every business has one main goal . . . Making Money!  As a credit restoration professional, you can always get clients because millions of people across the United States are in need of credit repair.

FEES - A common question is "what do I charge?" You can charge various different ways. One very popular way is to charge a monthly fee.


You can also charge a flat rate. If you charge a flat rate you must charge for a specific thing. Most states don't allow you to charge for work that hasn't been done yet. So you may want to charge a Document Preparation & Consulting Fee. Prepare the documents in relation to your credit consulting, NOT Credit Repair, this way you may collect funds up front. If you're going to charge for credit repair only, it is best to charge a monthly fee.

For example, charging a $250 doc prep fee and $100 consulting fee, and "no fee" for credit repair allows you to charge up front $350. This way you're getting paid for work done, and not work "to be done". You can later charge an additional fee for items removed if you'd like.

The average Credit Repair Company makes about $20,000 monthly!

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